10th International Workshop on Surface Engineering
6th International Workshop on Applied and Sustainable Engineering
1st International Workshop on Trends in Electronics and Informatics

from 20.06.2022 to 26.06.2022 at Koszalin University of Technology, Poland.

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The workshop was partly funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ program. The website reflects only the views of its authors and the European Commission and the National Agency of Erasmus + Program are not responsible for its content.

The International Workshop in the frame of CIII-PL-0701 network runs from 20.06.2022 to 26.06.2022 in Koszalin, Poland. The workshop is held under the patronage of Professor Danuta Zawadzka, Rector of Koszalin University of Technology.

This is a next edition of Workshop in Koszalin (Poland), which was organized under the Central European Exchange Program for University Studies (CEEPUS) and Erasmus+ programs with help of sponsors and National CEEPUS Office Poland.

prof. Krzysztof Rokosz

PL-701: Engineering as Communication Language in Europe

The goal of that CEEPUS Network titled "Engineering as Communication Language in Europe" is to create communication and cooperation between engineers, dealing with various engineering branches. The aim of the Network is to be able to create Interdisciplinary Engineering Teams. A strong background in engineering techniques applicable to a wide variety of complex problems is in demand in the widespread knowledge. Our engineers should understand more than one discipline and be prepared to work at the intersection of two or more engineering and science disciplines. Nowadays research and industry sectors have high requirements towards engineers. Often a single engineer is not able to solve complicated interdisciplinary problems, but there is a great possibility that Interdisciplinary Engineering Teams would make it better and faster.

The main task of that Network is involving teachers from partner Institutions in order to create team projects that would be main parts of the program. It is also expected that students will take an active part in all didactic activities proposed by Network and will benefit from our Program, as much as possible. Thanks to engi-neering knowledge as well as soft skills (ability to work in an international team), all the students in their further career will be able to communicate freely and work in international companies as well as continue their education, e.g. doctoral studies in any university in the world.

The CEEPUS Network "Engineering as Communication Language in Europe" gives the opportunity to create successful cooperation, not only between students, but also between teachers from all the universities, which are participants in the network PL-701. Additionally, the Network is open for any open-minded people, who can participate in events organized by that network with using the Freemover Mobilities.


The workshop can take place thanks our great sporsors.

PUH TEST Sp. z o.o. Sp. K.

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PUH TEST posiada w swojej ofercie laboratorium badań materiałowych oraz walidację urządzeń spawalniczych. Historia naszej firmy sięga 1978 roku, która to na początku rozwijała się w strukturach ZPC "URSUS" a od 1993 roku jako samodzielnie funkcjonujący podmiot. Posiadamy certyfikowany system zarządzania jakością PN-EN ISO 1725:2005. Jesteśmy członkiem rzeczywistym Klubu Polskich Laboratoriów Badawczych POLLAB, gdzie uczestniczymy w międzylaboratoryjnych badaniach porównawczych we wszystkich uznanych metodach badawczych.

A. M. Borzymowski

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Firma "SHIM-POL A.M.Borzymowski" jest wyłącznym przedstawicielem firmy SHIMADZU oraz Phenomenex w Polsce.

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Today, WITT offers a complete range of gas safety and control equipment. These products include gas mixers, gas analyzers and metering systems, as well as package leak detection systems. With this wide array of products, WITT has developed from a two man business to a world market leader.